Arbres et Abeilles

Plant Nursery

Cooking apple. Sweet rich flavour cooking to a puree. Ornamental flowers. Crops November. Pollination group 4 Sandringham - Very popular cooking apple. Keeps well and can be eaten uncooked after Christmas. TRIPLOID. Crops October. Pollination group 3 Bramley - MM106. Cooker. Like a bramley but with red skin. Group 3 Crimson Bramley - Cooking apple. A late keeping cooker that can be used as a dessert apple after Christmas. Scab resistant. Crops October. Pollination group 4 Lanes Prince Albert - MM106. Cooker, ready August. An early apple that cooks to a pale puree. Heavy cropper. Group 2 Grenadier - Very hardy cooking apple. Sweet fruit. Crops October. Pollination group 4 Annie Elizabeth - Cooking apple. Keeps its shape when cooked.Hardy with attractive blossom. Crops September. Pollination group3 Lord Derby - Cooking apple with very attractive blossom. Cooks to a yellow puree. Crops September. Pollination group 2 Arthur Turner - MM106 Cooker like Bramley but not a triploid. Retains shape when cooked, disease resistant. Ready Sept-Oct. Group 2 Bountiful - MM106. Dessert apple, ready  Oct ? March. Full flavour, russeted skin. Group 3 Cox?s Orange Pippin Out of stock MM106. Dessert apple, ready October. Sweet and aromatic with a taste of acid drops. Ornamental flowers, good cropper. Group 3 Rosemary Russet - MM106. Dessert apple, ready August. Crimson fruit for eating in the autumn. Group 3 Exeter Cross - MM106. Dessert apple, ready Aug ? Sept. An early eater, best eaten from the tree. Should be trouble-free, even on exposed sites. Group 3 Discovery - MM106. Dessert/cooker apple, ready Dec - May. Green, crisp apple, sweet and juicy. A vigorous tree.  Group 2 Crispin -