Arbres et Abeilles

Plant Nursery

Can be used for jam or ripened for dessert plums. Crops August. St Julien A rootstock. Ht 4-5 m Victoria Plum - Dessert greengage, reliable with good flavour. Self fertile. Ready Sept. St Julien A rootstock. Ht 4-5m Reine Claude de Bavay - Fruit yellow, quite small and round, flesh does not cling to the stone. Mirabelle de Nancy Out of Stock Plum sized damsons, may be eaten fresh or cooked. Good for jam Merryweather damson Out of stock Large early dessert pear, juicy and sweet. Crops August. Quince C rootstock. Ht. 4-5 m Williams Pear - Self fertile russeted green pear. Frost tolerant. Crops September. Quince C rootstock. Ht. 4-5 m Conference Pear - A pear of the best flavour, ripening to a yellow. Very juicy. Crops in October Comice Pear Out of stock Deciduous, self fertile tree with slightly pear-shaped fruit which are yellow-brown in colour with some russeting. Ornamental white flowers. Fruit need bletting before use, ready Nov-Dec. Ht 5m Nottingham Medlar - Reliable red dessert cherry. Sweet and juicy. Self fertile. Ready July Stella Cherry - Large sweet dessert fruit. Self fertile. Ready late July. Sunburst Cherry Out of Stock Black dessert cherry of excellent flavour. Ready July. Cherokee Cherry Out of Stock Requires a sheltered position to crop well. Supposedly not prone to peach leaf curl. St Julien A rootstock. Ht 4-5 m Mme Blanchette Nectarine Out of Stock A hardy, productive tree which produces firm, yellow-fleshed fruit with a good, rich taste. Red Gold Nectarine Out of stock Reliable self-fertile peach on St Julien A rootstock. Requires a sheltered position. Ht. 4-5 m Peregrine Peach