Arbres et Abeilles

Plant Nursery

Hardy perennial narrow grey/green leaved plant with 'spikes' of yellow flowers in summer. Full sun, drought tolerant. Slow spreading. Ht 30cm Asphodeline lutea Yellow asphodel - A hardy ornamental grass with green/cream vertical variegation and purplish inflorescences that become greyish pink. Best in moist soil with full sun. Ht 100cm Calamagrotis Acutifolia 'Overdam' - Warm bronze leaves on a hardy, slow clump forming grass. Sun or part shade. Ht 40cm Carex bronze curls - Large, fairly fast growing, clump forming grass with tall drooping flower spikes. Full sun. Ht up to 2m Carex pendula Weeping sedge - An ornamental grass, the attractive green bronze, fine leaved foliage erupts into colour like burning embers, quickly becoming established in borders. In late summer, panicles of rosy flowers appear just above the foliage. Plant in full sun. Ht 40cm Carex testacea 'Prairie fire' Red Switch grass - An impressive grass: Blue-green foliage with large dark flower spikes. Evergreen. Good for jungle look, offering structure in borders and dry beds. This New Zealand Sedge can tolerate really exposed conditions. Ht up to 1.0m Carex trifida - Large, hardy blue grass, drought tolerant. Plant in full sun. Large clump forming. Ht 1m Elymus - Hardy, weeping, clump forming grass with delicate flower spikes in summer. Full sun. Ht 1m Eragrotis curvula - Similar to Erogrotis curvula with weeping form but with hints of red/purple. Full sun and drought tolerant. Ht 1m Eragrotis Totnes burgundy - Hardy clump forming grass with fluffy deep purple-red/brown flower spikes, ageing silver. Full sun, drought tolerant. Ht 1m+ Miscanthus sinensis Ferne Olsen - A hardy ornamental silver-blue grass. Palest of cultivars. Drought tolerant. Plant in full sun. Ht 45cm Festuca glauca ?Elijah Blue? - An unusually coloured festuca with yellow/green leaves to brighten a container or border edge. Avoid winter wet. festuca glauca 'golden toupee' - Tight blue erect clump.ÿ Flowers best in fertile, well-drained soil. Full sun. Ht 60cm Helictrotrichon sempervirens Blue oat grass - Variagated leaves on a low, clump forming grass. Dislikes winter wet. Ht 30cm Holcus mollis 'Albovariegatus' -