Arbres et Abeilles

Plant Nursery

Trees Deciduous small tree with dark-coloured foliage in spring, turning green in summer and then colouring again in autumn. Dislikes exposed positions and prefers partial shade in summer. Acer palmatum Snakebark Maple. Deciduous tree with red/white striated stems, especially in winter. Acer tegmentosum 'White Stem' Architectural deciduous large shrub/small tree. Mottled cream variegated large leaves. Ht 3m Catalpa bignonoides Pulverulenta Small deciduous tree with rich purple heart shaped leaves and pink autumn tints. Sugary scented in autumn. Ht 3m Cercidiphyllum japonicum Rotfuchs Small deciduous tree with glossy purple leaves turning orange/red in autumn. Small pink/white flowers before leaves appear in spring. Spreading habit. Ht. 2.5m. Cercis canadensis Forest Pansy Judas tree Small shrubby deciduous tree with white flowers in April. Sunny site. Ht 4m Cercis canadensis Royal White Judas tree Hardy deciduous small tree with orange pink young growth, yellow fern-like foliage and yellow flowers. In autumn these leaves can also turn glorious shades of yellow and orange before falling. Ht 6m Koelreuteria paniculata Coral Sun Indian rain tree 'Coral sun' Small slow-growing, shrubby, deciduous tree. Dark red autumn tints in September. Ht 3m Liquidambar styraciflua Gumball Small slow-growing, shrubby, deciduous tree with yellow green foliage and maroon shades in autumn. Ht 3m Liquidambar styraciflua Schocks Gold Hardy deciduous tree with orange stems in winter and golden autumn colour. Can be hard pruned. Ht 10+m Tilia cordata Winter Orange Lime 'Winter Orange' Hardy deciduous tree with serrated, dark purple/red foliage slowly turning to  green through summer and bronze/purple into autumn. The silvery white bark contrasts with the dark foliage. Ht 6m Betula pendula purpurea Purple birch