Arbres et Abeilles

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Mildly pungent fruits ripen dark green to red when fully mature. Fruits are 2 celled, smooth with thick flesh and wide shoulders. Ideal as a stuffing chilli, roasting, frying, also suitable for freezing. 900-3,000 Scovilles. Anaheim Out of stock Heart shaped chili peppers with thick walls which makes them ideal for stuffing. Fruits are green in colour and ripen to red and then brown. Ancho are a dried Poblano chilli pepper. Ideal for stuffing, drying and used in many types of Mole sauces, found i Ancho Poblano - A compact leafy semi-trailing plant that produces an abundance of fruit over a very long period. Fruits mature from deep purple through cream and orange and mature red, giving this plant a unique 'Basket of Fire' look, ideal for hanging baskets or contain Basket of Fire - Bright orange glossy fruits produced on a compact, thick branched plant. Could be grown as a patio pot plant. Fruits are medium hot pungency, conical in shape similar to a carrot and approx 9cm long. Bulgarian Carrot - Indian chilli with olive green coloured fruits ripening to dark red. Long thin chilli Cobra - A medium to hot chilli, fruits ripen from yellow to red up to 15cm long. High yields of chillies that are ideal for salads, sandwiches, frying and pickling. scoville 5-10,000 shu Hot banana - A hybrid of Hungarian Hot Wax, sweet tasting but with a good hot kick. The large hot chillies mature early from lime green through orange to red. Try them fried or roasted. Heat rating up to 4500 Scoville Inferno - Fruits ripen from green to red. A very hot pepper. Used on nachos and chopped in Mexican sauces giving them an excellent flavour. Jalapeno - A mild tasting chilli ideal for stuffing. Plants grow up to 1.2m high and the chillis are red bell peppers. Plants are also ornamental Jamaican Bell - Newmex, Anaheim type ripening from bright green through mahogany to red, used mainly as green chilli. Delicious crisp and thick meaty flesh with a medium heat, ideal for grilling, roasting and sauces.  800 to 900 SHU. Joe E Parker - Medium sized plant producing hot long slender peppers 14-18cm long that ripen from green to red. Krakatoa - A distinct taste and scent of exotic fruits like mango. Growing up to 11cm long the pepper resembles a monkeys face. A hot pepper growing to a height of 70cm Monkey Face - Small plants up to 80cm tall. Large meaty fruits. Picked green through to red when ripe they are ideal for roasting, sauces and stuffing. Medium to Hot, 500 to 2,000 SHU Numex Big Jim - Indian chilli, the fruit is a long and fat chilli, normally used for chilli snacks, accompaniments or side dishes Punjab (puya) -