Arbres et Abeilles

Plant Nursery

Low growing perennial with masses of red flowers in spring. Ht. 10cm Aubretia Red Cascade Upright herbaceous perennial with lilac-pink deeply fringed, showy flowers in early summer which may be used for drying. Ht. 80cm Centaurea dealbata An herbaceous perennial which forms a dense, bushy mass with turtle head-shaped lilac-pink flowers in late summer. Prefers moist soil and partial shade. Ht. 50 cm Chelone obliqua Red turtlehead A clump forming herbaceous perennial with yellow, daisy-like, double flowers atop slender, erect stems in Jun-Jul. Ht. 50cm Coreopsis grandiflora sunray Tickseed Hardy clump forming perennial with bright, sunny golden flowers with an orange centre appearing in mid-summer. Full sun. Ht. 20cm Coreopsis Illico Tickseed Illico Hardy clump forming perennial with silvery, thistle-like foliage and tall flower stems topped by fat thistle-like flowers. Ht 2m Cynara cardunculus 'Porto spineless' Cardoon A frost tender perennial that needs 5C to thrive in winter, so good for pots and containers. Succulent leaves from which emerge spikey pink flowers with yellowish centre in early summer. Ht. 10cm Delospermum sutherlandii Fairly hardy mat-forming perennial with dazzling scarlet flowers in summer, suitable for ground cover. May be evergreen all year. Ht. 15cm Dianthus deltoides 'Brilliancy' Pinks Compact perennial with clove scented white blooms with pink lacing in summer. Full sun. Ht. 40cm Dianthus 'Grans favourite' Pinks An evergreen perennial with an erect habit. Leaves are greyish-green and it bears scented, double, rose-pink flowers throughout the summer. Ht 40cm Dianthus scent first 'Tickled pink' Pinks Dierama pulcherrimus Angel's fishing rod An upright, clump-forming hardy to -5C, perennial with green, grass-like foliage and clusters of pendulous, wine red flowers with silvery bracts in summer. Ht. 1m Dierama Reynoldsii Angel's fishing rod Hardy perennial with large white bell flowers with deep maroon throats and maroon spots and blotches in early summer. Ht. 1.2m Digitalis purpurea Pams choice Foxglove A bushy, short-lived perennial with narrow, grey-green leaves and large, rich burgundy, daisy-like flowers in summer and autumn. Ht. 60cm Gaillardia grandiflora Burgundy Blanket flower