Arbres et Abeilles

Plant Nursery

Trailing petunia with blue, double flowers. Long flowering period. Full sun Petunia surfinia Double blue Trailing petunia with double, rich purple and mauve veined, scented flowers. Full sun Petunia tumbelina Priscilla ivy leaf geranium with masses of single lilac flowers and cascading habit. Geranium Decora lilac Fuchsia Large full double, dark purple and pink blooms are produced on an upright habit bush Blacky Masses of beautiful large flowers in violet blue and pure white throughout Summer on this fuchsia with a trailing habit. Blue Angel A stunning upright fuchsia producing single richly coloured flowers, red with violet/pink stripe. Blands new stripe Masses of small, tubular orange-scarlet flowers are produced on this upright fuchsia. Thalia