Arbres et Abeilles

Plant Nursery

Dark red foliage with red flowers in late summer on red stems. Attractive to bees and butterflies. Ht. 45cm Sedum Ringmore ruby Clump forming perennial with violet blue flowers above grass like foliage. Ht 30cm Sisyrinchium angustifolia Blue Satin flower Hardy perennial with dusky pink small flowers in early summer on a mat of dark green leaves. Full sun. Ht 50cm Stachys officinalis Saharan Pink Betony Clump forming perennial with fern-like green leaves. Tall stems of fluffy rosy-lilac flowers in early summer. Ht. 1m Thalictrum aquilegifolium Meadow rue Hardy perennial with purple, paper-like flowers through the summer with dark green, crinkled, oval-shaped leaves. Ht. 90 cm Verbascum phoeniceum Violetta Purple mullein Hardy perennial with golden-green leaves and deep blue upright flower spikes. Good ground cover plant. Partial shade preferred. Ht 15cm Veronica australis Trehane speedwell Basket plants rich velvet burgundy, stunning pink, plum vein, purple having large double blooms, bright rose and white. Petunia double pirouette mix Burgundy red colour these large flowers are weather resistant, many with contrasting veins Petunia mirage velvet Flowers a rich and full bodied ruby colour. Petunia express burgundy double or semi-double flowers of mixed colours Petunia double duo mixed star shaped petunia, producing masses of flowers in a wide range of colours on low mound forming plants with pointed leaves. Petunia sparkles Antique rose colour with a yellow throat in a star shaped bloom Petunia Antiques shades